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My clinic is run from a downstairs room in my house. I moved on 1st April 2019 and will need a few months to fully modify the house so ask you to bear with me while this happens. First appointments take up to an hour, follow up appointments are usually an hour for adults and 45 minutes for babies and children.

At a first appointment I take a detailed history of the problem and the person as a whole. This usually takes about 15 minutes. For a baby or child this will include details of the pregnancy and birth as this often includes useful clues as to how to help them recover. For everyone it includes details of medical history, past accidents, operations, illnesses and dental work so that I can have a comprehensive understanding of what has happened to you (or your child) before I examine.

When I examine I typically use a combination of movement, orthopaedic and neurological tests according to the problem. I may require you to undress to your underwear if this is necessary to examine or treat you/your child, and you are welcome to bring suitable clothing with you (eg shorts, leggings) if you would like. Osteopathic examination is usually by palpating (touching gently) in order to better understand the stresses and strains the body is carrying.

Note that treatment can be tiring and you should not expect to do vigorous exercise for 48 hours afterwards. Babies and children may occassionally be a little unsettled for up to 24 hours.

At the end of the first treatment I will tell you what to expect and how many treatments may be necessary. I will also discuss with you any changes in lifestyle, diet or exercises that may be beneficial.

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