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Pregnancy is a time of increased demands on a woman's body. While some women manage to "bloom" throughout, others may struggle with the changes in shape, posture and physiology that the growing fetus brings. See this foetal development information.

May of the discomforts of pregnancy can be relieved by gentle osteopathic treatment to help bony alignment, tissue drainage and breathing mechanics. The hormonal changes of pregnancy mean that women's bodies are often particularly responsive at this time.

Treatment can also help prepare you for the birth by bringing physiology into balance and helping your body work as an integrated whole so that labour is effective.

I have contacts through Pure Pregnancy that I can refer you to for antenatal reflexology and acupuncture if you are interested.

What my patients say

"Julia was very helpful to me during my pregnancies and afterwards. I would highly recommend her."
Rachel, Clapham


Giving birth is a physically demanding process. It can take time to recover, no matter how well the actual event goes, and more so if it is not straightforward. Commonly mothers ignore any residual discomfort they have after the birth because they are wrapped up in caring for their babies, but osteopathic treatment can help post-birth aches and pains settle quicker, with less long term discomfort, allowing mothers to regain their health and strength, and meet the demands of the baby more easily.

Consider having postnatal treatment if you have been through a difficult labour. It can speed your recovery by helping you get over the shock of the birth and may help you avoid long term back or pelvic discomfort. Ideally arrange for a partner or friend to look after the baby for you while you are being treated, so that you can relax without worrying.

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