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Wonky Babies

Lots of parents bring their babies to me saying “ they only look one way”! Which is a strange thing in a baby, when we usually think of them as perfect.

It’s actually quite common for a baby to have a stiff neck so that they only seem to be comfortable looking one way. Sometimes if you look at them as they lie on their backs, you might see that their pelvis seems to be going the other way; either that or they seem curved around in a banana shape.

The good news is that gentle cranial osteopathy can help stiff baby necks and backs and get them back to better symmetry. It can help normalise body patterns, and release any associated muscle tension and strain. This might even help any digestive difficulties s/he is having along the way, as they may resolve once your baby’s body is back in better balance.

If you would like to talk to me about how osteopathy might help your baby, please get in touch – 020 7993 8116 or [email protected]