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Preparing to Labour Well: Top Tips

Stop work about a month before your due date if you possibly can. You simply don’t need deadline stress and other people imposing their priorities on you when you are about to undergo a life changing event!

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How Good Breathing Underpins Good Health

If you look at a baby or young child, chances are that you will see their belly moving as they breathe. This is a good thing! It is a sign that they are using their diaphragm well when they breathe, and that this is massaging all their abdominal organs as it moves.

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Beware Dishwashers! A Guide to Managing Low Back Disc Pain…

If you’ve ever had the misfortune to injure a spinal disc, you’ll know what an unpleasant and acute pain it gives and how unrelenting it can be in the early stages.

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I Treat Rugby Players as Well as Babies!

There’s nothing I like more than a “knotty problem”. Something that’s been there for while, won’t go away, keeps coming back to bother it’s poor “owner”, perhaps to the point that it’s stopping them from doing what they really want to do.

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Wonky Babies

Lots of parents bring their babies to me saying “ they only look one way”! Which is a strange thing in a baby, when we usually think of them as perfect.

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Breathing Changes during Pregnancy

I’ve seen a number of patients recently who are being challenged to breathe better by their pregnancies.  The hormonal changes of pregnancy affect breathing rate and lung resistance, while the physical changes of pregnancy (as the uterus rises up in the abdomen) also affect lung capacity and the angle of the lower ribs.

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Treating Newborn Babies: January 2018

It’s a particular treat and privilege to be asked to treat newborn babies. Their “newness” is beautiful in itself, possibly because in that moment they show most clearly the miracle of how we all come into being.

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Osteopathy and Health: November 2017

Of the people I saw this morning, two had waited a couple of weeks before coming to see me. That’s very normal – we are all used to having occasional aches and pains and a lot of them just go away on their own after a few days. Those that don’t clear up on their own are the ones that people bring in with them. And the question here is “why not”? almost more than “why do they happen in the first place?”

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