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Babies & Children

Treatment of children is a specialist area of osteopathic practice. I have an M.Sc in Paediatric Osteopathy (2009) from the Osteopathic Centre for Children and continue to update my knowledge of paediatric practice as part of my ongoing professional development.


I love treating newborn babies and it is a privilege to be invited to do so. It can make a great difference to have some help getting your newborn off to a good start. Common problems that parents bring their babies for include inability to relax, and digestive problems, but the range of presentations is very diverse. Cranial osteopathy is very safe, gentle and non manipulative, aiming to help your baby's body make its own changes in response to treatment. A typical course of treatment is between 2-4 appointments.

As part of the Pure Pregnancy network in South London, we work together to help parents access the help they need locally, including breastfeeding support, doulas and baby massage. I'm delighted to be part of this network of local expertise.


There are diverse reasons why parents seek osteopathic treatment for their children. While children don't seem to get as many aches and pains as adults, when they do, it is as well to get them checked out as they are more unusual.

I treat children of all ages from infancy to adolescence, and inevitably they present with different issues at different ages. As with adults, the list includes joint pains, circulatory problems, cramps, digestive issues, muscle spasm, minor sports injuries and inability to relax. Especially at exam time! Some of the children I treat have learning difficulties.

Please don't worry about how to manage your child through a treatment. Usually they respond well to being played with or read to while I work. I have a selection of toys and books but you're welcome to bring your own. They just need to be reasonably still for a short while.

If you would like to speak to me with any queries or any aspect of osteopathic treatment for your child then please do get in contact.

Barnaby's Testimonial

What my patients say

"Julia is both professional and caring and I highly recommend her. After a traumatic labour resulting in forceps delivery, I was concerned about the stress and pressure on my baby and his odd shaped head. Julia carefully manipulated his body to encourage it to function as it should. Julia has helped to relieve any trauma during the birth and we continue to see improvements with the shape of his head. Julia's initial assessment and subsequent treatments have provided me with the reassurance that everything is as it should be which is very comforting for a first-time Mum."

Charlotte, Battersea

"I just wanted to thank you for the work you've done in settling my baby daughter and in repairing me too! She is a completely different baby and much more happy and relaxed than she was when we first came. It's helped my confidence too and is such a relief to see her looking more settled in the evenings. I've recommended and passed on your cards to my NCT Class ..."

Katie, Battersea