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Osteopathy is best known for success in treating musculo-skeletal problems such as: back and neck aches and pain; joint problems including hip, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, elbow and wrist; sciatica and other nerve pain.

Beyond this it can be helpful for a wide variety of other health issues including: digestive problems (eg reflux, IBS, constipation); headaches; circulatory problems and cramp; chronic fatigue; inability to relax; fibromyalgia and rheumatic problems.

The above illustrates the broad application of osteopathy to many health problems. Osteopaths often see patients who have not found a solution to their health problems elsewhere. Sometimes it is appropriate to agree a short course of treatment (eg three appointments) to see if you benefit from it and to give both you and me the chance to assess progress. I am very much concerned with restoring patients to normal function and avoiding lengthy treatment schedules if possible. That said, the longer a problem has been present then typically the longer it will take to resolve.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss anything.

What my patients say

"Julia's calm and professional manner along with her wonderful healing hands quickly got to the root of the pain in my shoulder. Having fallen down the stairs - I suffered for 3 years with a niggling pain that would sometimes wake me in the night.

Julia instantly identified the problem and within 3 sessions had totally removed all discomfort and dismissed all fears that the strange clicking sound my shoulder made was perfectly ok! I am deeply grateful for Julia's wonderful expertise and have been recommending her to everyone I know. "

Harriet, Streatham

"I first consulted Julia for osteopathy after a minor head injury left me with recurring headaches. Julia's treatment was excellent, and I immediately noticed a reduction in tension and ongoing pain. My headaches progressively became less frequent and intense, eventually subsiding completely after 3 treatments. I was impressed by her extensive knowledge of osteopathy and would highly recommend her.

Keri, Putney

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